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Tom Clancy’s The Division

Genius author Tom Clancy has written another great bestseller, this time in gaming format. Tom Clancy’s “The Division” follows the news of a life devastating pandemic that is threating to overtake New York City. Day by day as the basic services within the city began to fail and its inhabitants are suffering without food or water, the city descends in to chaos. It is only then that the Division, an ultra classified unit of self-supported tactical agents is unleashed into the city in a last ditch effort to bring humanity back from the brink.

That’s where you come in. Trained independently as one of the Division agents, your mission is simple. Restore the order by teaming up with the other agents and take back your city. It’s all up to you. Humanity’s future rests in your hands.

In this action RPG gaming experience, exploration and player progression are a must. Hone your skills, unlock new weapons and use your wit in combat style. Or try your hand at multiplayer, teaming up with friends to use your combined skill sets to achieve your mission goals and save the citizens of New York one by one.

Regardless of player mode, “The Division” is a gaming experience paralleled by no other. Combining Tom Clancy’s historical prowess of core authenticity with tactical decision making as well as gaming RPG action and trading, this game is one of a kind. Making it even more unique, it is a game that can be played via smartphone or tablet, perfect for joining your friends from any location.

As we are coming close to the release of this fantastic game, many gamers are getting online and hunting for the game before release so they can be one of the first people to start their adventure in the world of the Division.

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