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Play Minesweeper Game

How to optimize your setup

Start with a good mouse and mouse pad. The.The mouse should have solid control and accuracy.I am using the old Logitech MX520 which is set to 800 dpi which is sensitivity at the third position in the windows control panel and the mouse acceleration should be turned off while playing the game.Also make sure that your desk do not shake and your chair position is at a good-level so that you will not have hard time grasping the mouse. how To play minesweeper like a pro you need to download Minesweeper app such as Minesweeper X.this will prevent can count time to hundreds of a second,and automatically record the replays of the game.Keep your hands warm so that when your hand becomes sweat while playing the game wash it at least 10 to 15 minutes so that it will be easy to click accurately.

How to Learn the Patterns

play the minesweeper game long enough and you’ll learn where the mines are and by playing long time looking at the pattern of numbers in future you will know where the mines will be. At the beginning, it will takes a lot of time to recognize where the mines are for every single letter, but after a few years you can read easily.

How to use the flags Wisely

In the minesweeper game the minesweeper strategy is you need to employ the “double-click” technique so that this action will open all squares surrounding the square with the number.if you have marked that the number of mines around that number. In the following example below, you mark a mine in a corner and this double-click on the circled 1 to open the surrounding four squares will simultaneously. This approach is much faster than opening the four safe squares individually using the left-click.