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Game Programming Types

Programming in games is of two types – systems programming and web programming. Systems programming is done for stand-alone applications. C++ and Java are amongst the commonly used languages. Others included Unity and C#. Video games are an example of systems programming. To run applications on browser over web interface, web programming is done. Some of the popular ones are SQL, CSS 3, HTML 5, JavaScript, etc.

Both of these are important. The usage depends on which studio you are associated with or your passion.

Languages for game programming

There are a plethora of options of languages for game programming. There is no need to panic. It is not necessary to learn all the languages to code a game. From the vast options, only a few are popular. It is sufficient to learn or use them to program games. Some of those languages are as follows.

  • C++: C++ is a very popular language in the programming world. However, it is a bit to learn. But, on learning it, game programming becomes a cake walk and one can develop any kind of games quite easily. This language leads to direct and better control over graphical procedures and hardware. If one wishes to learn one language that can help him or her, then it would be the one.
  • Java: This is a universal language. It runs on various machines including microwaves, printers and video game systems. High compatibility of Java makes it the most preferred language. It is quite similar to C++, thus learning one alongside the other, is easier.
  • Languages for the web: For providing a structure to the web page and enhancing he visual display, HTML 5 and CSS 3 are used. Some also use JavaScript for the development and making the items move on the screen to make it look more life-like. For database work, SQL is used to keep records of the player’s account. SQL is used for back-end database work, so that the player can access their account and do other things on the server.

Object oriented languages and scripting languages are used for PC and console based devices. On the other hand, technology built for the web will be used for web development.

Above mentioned languages can be learnt through game programming courses. These courses are uniquely designed to let the student understand all the aspects of game programming.