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First Version of The Super Mario Bros

Through the history of video games the long term there is a lot of games that put imprint innovative idea method or new play there is a games room “rare” has established this industry and providing ideas and went to the rest of the games were the strong foundation the basis of the Video Game Industry and one of those games are the game of “Super Mario Bros.” on a Nintendo first home as it is known in Japan is also known as the western version, this game is one of the early game room platforms and the second dimension of the “2D” it is amazing that one of the first experiments in this type of games is the best on this industry until the present day.

Today through a paragraph article “Secrets of the first version” we will learn the simple part of the history of this legendary game and some important information developed trip, how it started and stop behind what those options presented to us even post-more than 25 on issued a masterpiece of Khaleda will never be forgotten by history start, if start talk :

Platform game depends on the Correction pistol first idea!

After the successes achieved by Nintendo on the Orchid it is time to enter the market appliances to achieve success in this market was to be game industry is that opens the door for the company to enter this area and here the Nintendo collect the strongest names has specifically Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuke and composer Koji Kondo to work on a new project under the supervision of the head of the company to the period of time Hiroshi Yamauchi, industry experience sports before that he chose Miyamoto industry platforms game depends on the Correction pistol at the beginning, rather than the game depends on jump between platforms:

this version of the game did not enter the production stage, and returned the action team planning table again to collect ideas new game timely focus game industry depends on the platforms, bungee jumping, much more Of the corrigendum and were therefore the dimensions of that side where one of the ideas are the ability of Mario on horseback vehicles and aviation and corrigendum which but merely Nintendo only the idea of horse final version without correction, also note from the during the initial design of the existence of a button for the beaten and had the upper button (Control buttons) to leapfrog this change the final version and the appointment of a button to jump with the cancellation of the idea of the gun and the shots.

Mario was not the hero?

Kay game in early development with plenty of miscellaneous changes, game Super Mario Bros. The beginning of the process of development was not carrying this name did not even Mario Championship! The development team while its work on one of the early versions of the game was using “Square as a main game imagine that she was not able even to jump though platforms game!