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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Tips to Win Pyramid Solitaire

The game of Solitaire has been a great hit so far. People find all variants of it highly engaging and entertaining. Pyramid Solitaire is quite different from other versions. The first appearance itself is quite exciting. Though luck plays a big role in winning this game, there are some strategies that can help surely.

The winning strategy

When you start playing the game, obviously you want to win the game by any means. However, it is not a wise thing to go haphazardly. It may or may not lead to the winning track. Since the aim of this game is to remove every card from the talon as well as the tableau, your goal should be achieved in the least possible attempts.

You are supposed to remove cards in pairs and the combined total should be 13. A card that is fully visible can only move. Otherwise, you will get error message. Typically, the pairs of ace and queen, six and seven, five and eight, four and nine, three and tem, two and the jack can be moved. Only kings can move independently (after all it is a king!).

  • Look at the first four rows first. You should check whether there is any possibility of getting trapped into a deadlock situation? Normally it happens when the cards that you can combine occur in a triangular way. Since you can’t combine all possible cards in this situation, you do not have any option other than reshuffling.
  • Is all combination cards appear in the above triangle? If yes, then again there is no option that reshuffling it. You should not waste time unnecessarily when it is quite clear that deadlock will happen later.
  • Always remove the kings to empty places because anyways you can’t move them in the combination.
  • Do not remove a combination early. Wait till you have shuffled all cards.

Since you are supposed to move combinations in Pyramid Solitaire, the possibility of completing it successfully gets lowered if the cards are not in the right sequence. You can put your brains in searching new and new solutions, but there are always limitations.

Play Minesweeper Game

How to optimize your setup

Start with a good mouse and mouse pad. The.The mouse should have solid control and accuracy.I am using the old Logitech MX520 which is set to 800 dpi which is sensitivity at the third position in the windows control panel and the mouse acceleration should be turned off while playing the game.Also make sure that your desk do not shake and your chair position is at a good-level so that you will not have hard time grasping the mouse. how To play minesweeper like a pro you need to download Minesweeper app such as Minesweeper X.this will prevent can count time to hundreds of a second,and automatically record the replays of the game.Keep your hands warm so that when your hand becomes sweat while playing the game wash it at least 10 to 15 minutes so that it will be easy to click accurately.

How to Learn the Patterns

play the minesweeper game long enough and you’ll learn where the mines are and by playing long time looking at the pattern of numbers in future you will know where the mines will be. At the beginning, it will takes a lot of time to recognize where the mines are for every single letter, but after a few years you can read easily.

How to use the flags Wisely

In the minesweeper game the minesweeper strategy is you need to employ the “double-click” technique so that this action will open all squares surrounding the square with the number.if you have marked that the number of mines around that number. In the following example below, you mark a mine in a corner and this double-click on the circled 1 to open the surrounding four squares will simultaneously. This approach is much faster than opening the four safe squares individually using the left-click.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Genius author Tom Clancy has written another great bestseller, this time in gaming format. Tom Clancy’s “The Division” follows the news of a life devastating pandemic that is threating to overtake New York City. Day by day as the basic services within the city began to fail and its inhabitants are suffering without food or water, the city descends in to chaos. It is only then that the Division, an ultra classified unit of self-supported tactical agents is unleashed into the city in a last ditch effort to bring humanity back from the brink.

That’s where you come in. Trained independently as one of the Division agents, your mission is simple. Restore the order by teaming up with the other agents and take back your city. It’s all up to you. Humanity’s future rests in your hands.

In this action RPG gaming experience, exploration and player progression are a must. Hone your skills, unlock new weapons and use your wit in combat style. Or try your hand at multiplayer, teaming up with friends to use your combined skill sets to achieve your mission goals and save the citizens of New York one by one.

Regardless of player mode, “The Division” is a gaming experience paralleled by no other. Combining Tom Clancy’s historical prowess of core authenticity with tactical decision making as well as gaming RPG action and trading, this game is one of a kind. Making it even more unique, it is a game that can be played via smartphone or tablet, perfect for joining your friends from any location.

As we are coming close to the release of this fantastic game, many gamers are getting online and hunting for the game before release so they can be one of the first people to start their adventure in the world of the Division.

This is part of the reason why MyCDKeys has become such a popular site to find your next gaming passion. The other reason is equally simple. Not only does MyCDKeys promise to bring you the best games at only the best prices but they also provide you with the newest in gaming technology, the CD key instead of sending you yet another gaming disc that will inevitably become scratched or lost. The benefits of owning CD keys as opposed to hard copied versions of games is understandable.


First Version of The Super Mario Bros

Through the history of video games the long term there is a lot of games that put imprint innovative idea method or new play there is a games room “rare” has established this industry and providing ideas and went to the rest of the games were the strong foundation the basis of the Video Game Industry and one of those games are the game of “Super Mario Bros.” on a Nintendo first home as it is known in Japan is also known as the western version, this game is one of the early game room platforms and the second dimension of the “2D” it is amazing that one of the first experiments in this type of games is the best on this industry until the present day.

Today through a paragraph article “Secrets of the first version” we will learn the simple part of the history of this legendary game and some important information developed trip, how it started and stop behind what those options presented to us even post-more than 25 on issued a masterpiece of Khaleda will never be forgotten by history start, if start talk :

Platform game depends on the Correction pistol first idea!

After the successes achieved by Nintendo on the Orchid it is time to enter the market appliances to achieve success in this market was to be game industry is that opens the door for the company to enter this area and here the Nintendo collect the strongest names has specifically Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuke and composer Koji Kondo to work on a new project under the supervision of the head of the company to the period of time Hiroshi Yamauchi, industry experience sports before that he chose Miyamoto industry platforms game depends on the Correction pistol at the beginning, rather than the game depends on jump between platforms:

this version of the game did not enter the production stage, and returned the action team planning table again to collect ideas new game timely focus game industry depends on the platforms, bungee jumping, much more Of the corrigendum and were therefore the dimensions of that side where one of the ideas are the ability of Mario on horseback vehicles and aviation and corrigendum which but merely Nintendo only the idea of horse final version without correction, also note from the during the initial design of the existence of a button for the beaten and had the upper button (Control buttons) to leapfrog this change the final version and the appointment of a button to jump with the cancellation of the idea of the gun and the shots.

Mario was not the hero?

Kay game in early development with plenty of miscellaneous changes, game Super Mario Bros. The beginning of the process of development was not carrying this name did not even Mario Championship! The development team while its work on one of the early versions of the game was using “Square as a main game imagine that she was not able even to jump though platforms game!